About Boronia

Boronia Technologies is a technical resource site that produces tools for the most popular web application such as WordPress, Android and Facebook. It also produces a series of articles about tool conception and programming tips.

Tools features

Boronia tools are free to download and install in your site or device. For WordPress plugins, you can find the downloads and support at Worpress Plugin Directory.
Boronia offers you a Forum section where registered users can start a discussion or contribute to topics about Boronia tools. As stated before, only WordPress plugins are not supported in this section but they are supported at Worpress support forum on their respective plugin page.


Catherine Lebastard, an IT professional with extensive experience in database administration and web development, created this site to provide useful web tools and applications for everybody’s daily use. With those free tools, Catherine demonstrates her sills in order to get consulting offers and expertise requests.

The search for the website name took time and a bit of consideration specially because many names related to technology were already taken. Instead of searching for names related to technology, Catherine searched for list of flowers and Boronia name stood out from the others for her. Boronia is a genus of evergreen shrubs found all over in Australia. The logo was inspired on this flower as well as its color. Catherine preferred to use the purple color over pink color for the logo and design of the web site.

About Boronia Technologies

Boronia Technologies is the business name of Catherine Lebastard, an IT professional with extensive experience in web development and database administration. Catherine chose the name of Boronia as she likes flowers and purple color. The logo of her business is inspired on Boronia flower plus digital elements incorated inside the flower.

Why you should use my services?

Because I can guide you to the right path and provide you what you are looking for at the right price according to your budget. Also, I am able to develop or debug an application with any programming language that you request because I have the ability to learn at extremely fast pace and adapt easily to progress in technology.