Column Posts FAQs

Is there a way to change the maximum number of columns?

No at this moment. The maximum number of column is three and it is predefined.

If I remove the reserved word for category title (%%title%%), can I still get the title?

No, you have to leave this predefine word in order to get the category title; otherwise, the category title won’t be displayed. Also, you can add words before or after the reserved word for category title (%%title%%).

How can I specify the categories that I want to display?

You have to enter the category id into include category textbox. You can also enter the categories that you want to exclude into exclude category textbox.

Why custom radio button is disabled?

Custom option is disabled when there are no categories typed in include category textbox. Once you enter some text, you will see the custom option enabled.

Can I have different font-family for the category title and the excerpt?

No, the font-family is the same for the whole output plugin.

If I don’t know the hex color value, is there a color picker?

Yes, the color picker is next to the textbox for entering the color. When you click on the square, the color picker tool will appear below the textbox. This color picker works the same as the one in photoshop.

I would like to know how to limit the amount of excerpt data I am displaying: like number of words or number of characters, etc. Sometimes is too much of it and I do not want to fill up the page with big paragraphs of information. Is this possible?

Yes, you can limit the amount of excerpt words by adding these lines in your functions.php file located in your theme directory:

function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) {
    return 25;
add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'custom_excerpt_length', 999 );

In the example above, I limited the excerpt to 25 words but you can put any number that you want.

Does shortcode support parameters?

The version 1.3 of this plugin supports two parameters: include category and exclude category.
[columnpost cat_inc=”1,8″ cat_exc=”4″] // lists categories 1 and 8 and exclude category 4
[columnpost cat_inc=”1,8″] // lists categories 1 and 8 and uses the exclude category if it is specified in the settings
[columnpost cat_exc=”4″] // excludes category 4 and uses the include category if it is specified in the settings

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