Column Posts

Column Posts

Column Posts is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your posts in columns. The columns can be classified by categories or posts.

These are the features:

  • The columns can be grouped by categories or posts.
  • The column boxes can be displayed between 1 to 3 columns.
  • The category title can be redefined.
  • The categories can be selected manually or displayed all.
  • The categories can be ordered by id, name and listed in the include category.
  • The number of posts can be specified.
  • The posts can be shown with excerpts, thumbnails or only post title.
  • Sticky posts can be hidden.
  • Only posts with thumbnails by category can be shown.
  • The posts can be ordered by title or date.
  • The size of the thumbnails is configurable.
  • The appearance of the elements shown in the plugin can be configured.
  • This plugin has the flexibility to be used as a template tag or widget.

Setting Options

The configuration page of this plugin is divided in five sections: Usage, Columns, Categories, Posts and Styling.
Usage section: This section explains how this plugin can be used. There are two ways to use this plugin: template tag and widget.
Column section: This section allows you to choose how the columns will be grouped and the numbers of columns to be displayed.
Categories section: This section allow you to redefine the category title, include or exclude categories and change their ordering.
Posts section: In this section, you can specify the number of posts to show, adjust the lenght of the title, hide sticky posts, show excerpts and thumbnails.
Styling section: In this section, you can change the styling of the column posts such as font family, font color. font size, etc .

Output plugin

The following image shows you the output of the plugin:



    In which template file should I put the code

    <?php do_action('columnpost'); ?>


      Catherine Lebastard

      Hi Petrus. If you have your own Page Template, you can put this code there. For example, I have a home page template and I put the code there. I am using my own Column Post Plugin. This is the link to how to create a page template Also, you can enter this code in your posts.


    In which template file should I put the code

      Catherine Lebastard

      The same answer as above.

    Peter Vidal


    I would like to know how to limit the amount of excerpt data I am displaying: like number of words or number of characters, etc. sometimes is too much of it and I do not want to fill up the page with big paragraphs of information. Is this possible?


      Catherine Lebastard

      Hi Peter, the default excerpt shows 55 words of the post content. You can change the length in your functions.php file located in your theme directory. I will add this question in the Column Posts FAQs page with an example tomorrow. Please visit the FAQ page for this link


    Hi. I would like 1) to use the category name instead of the slug, and 2) have a link below each category list to the category itself (i.e. Read More …). Give me a couple code snippets and locations to put them and I’m good. Thanks!


    Hi. I have installed and activated the plugin but I wanted to know if it is possible to only display the columns on my front page? Thanks


    I need classified wp plugin.

      Catherine Lebastard

      Hi there, could you be more specific?


    Hello, Lebasca,
    I placed
    in Page.php (model)
    in post.php
    in post-page.php
    but in my theme NewNews, this seems doesnt work
    Maybe I’m wrong where placing code
    Can you help me ?
    Thanks a lot

      Catherine Lebastard

      Hi Leonfort2! I just released a new version of this plugin. You can use a shortcode to display the output of this plugin in your page or post content.

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