Place Login

Place Login

Place Login is a WordPress plugin that offers the same functionalities like most login widgets but it has default pages for Registration and Lost Password actions. Also, you can use a template tag to create a login button instead of using the login widget.

Setting options

The configuration page of this plugin allows you to define the URL to redirect after the user has logged in or logged out. By default, this plugin uses its own Registration and Lost Password page instead of using the Login Administration page of WordPress (wp-login.php). If you don’t want to use the default pages, you can use other ones by entering their URLs. Once the user has logged in, you can specify the list of links to appear in the user account.

User Account

Once the user has logged in, you will see the user avatar and name instead of the login form or button. When you move the pointer over the user name, a drop-down menu will appear below the user name with a list of link options.

Sidebar login

Place Login widget adds the login form in the sidebar of your blog. This widget is configured by using the Setting options explained lines above.

Button login

Instead of having a login form in the sidebar of your blog, you can add a button login in any part of your web page by adding this code in your template files:

<?php if ( function_exists( 'plogin_form' ) ) plogin_form(); ?>.

Once you added this code, you can see the login button placed in your web page. When the button is clicked, a modal form is opened.



    very nice plugin man thanks , just next 😀

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