Web Maintenance Package

My web maintenance packages are pre-purchased block of hours wherein the more hours your buy, the more reduced hourly rate it is. Turnaround time is within 24-72 hours.

Per quarter hour
$75 per hour
5 hours
$65 per hour
10 hours
$55 per hour
20 hours
$50 per hour

How it works

  • Packages are good for one year from purchase and you can request updates at any time.
  • E-mail me the details and I will take care of it within 24-42 hours.
  • On demand package is charged at an hourly rate of $75 per hour. I charge per quarter hour. For example, if a project takes 15 minutes or less then the cost would be $18.75; between 15-30 minutes would cost $37.5; 30-45 minutes = $56.25, and a full hour = $75.

 Web Maintenance work includes:

  • Adding or updating content (pages, images, video, menu, etc)
  • Technical assistance (you need help doing something yourself in your website)
  • Software update (update your CMS software or plugins)
  • Troubleshooting (broken scripts)
  • Web hosting support (backup, database optimization, virus protection, etc)

About Boronia Technologies

Boronia Technologies is the business name of Catherine Lebastard, an IT professional with extensive experience in web development and database administration. Catherine chose the name of Boronia as she likes flowers and purple color. The logo of her business is inspired on Boronia flower plus digital elements incorated inside the flower.

Why you should use my services?

Because I can guide you to the right path and provide you what you are looking for at the right price according to your budget. Also, I am able to develop or debug an application with any programming language that you request because I have the ability to learn at extremely fast pace and adapt easily to progress in technology.